Networking, how does that work?

Networking, how does that work?

Table of contents:

  • The power of (good) stories
  • Short story: The death list 
  • Networking? What does it mean?
  • The purpose of networking
  • Four types of network
  • Starting your own story
  • Now for YOUR networking story!
  • Networking and the importance of your appearance: The temple of a thousand mirrors
  • How to manage your fears
  • Success stories on how networking can make a difference
  • Short story: Stronger together


Your social network is formed of those people you meet outside of work, through trainings or clubs or during sports activities, for example. These are the friends and acquaintances who you do things with, go on holiday with or go for a drink with now and again.

Because the word ‘networking’ is often associated with ‘exploiting’ others or ‘getting others to do your dirty work’ it is understandable that you might not want to say the words ‘friends’ and ‘networking’ in the same breath, but if you see it this way you miss out on the most important and enjoyable aspect of networking: Namely, giving, with reciprocity coming a close second. Almost everyone who values good friendships will claim that they are willing to give to their friends and that reciprocity is a key element of their friendship. Is that not what constitutes a good friendship? Each person giving of themselves and wishing good things for the other? This is the reason why friends present such an amazing networking opportunity!

Questions: How do you persuade others of your ‘value?’ Do you have a good story about the ‘why’ of your goal? Why do you want to do what you do?